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Use the form below to sign up for an upcoming show, and request your music be downloaded for you if necessary.

Please select the upcoming show in which you are signing up. If you have performed at Club Boomerang in the past, please select your entertainer name from the drop-down below. Otherwise, please enter your name in the fields below.

Please indicate below how you will provide your music. If you are requesting the DJ to download your music, provide song titles and links to the tracks below. If you will bring your own music, save time prior to the show by providing your song titles in advance.
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Please indicate which category you would like to compete in (Specific to Thursday night Future Stars Show)
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To qualify for payment at any Club Boomerang show, each entertainer must:

1. BEFORE 8:00PM the day of your performance “Check In” to Club Boomerang Wichita on Facebook & other social media sites. You must Tag the club.

2. BEFORE 9:00PM - Complete the online sign up form

3. BEFORE 10:00 PM - Submit Flash Drive/CD. NO additions will be made to the lineup after this time.

4. AT 10:30PM - Be back stage and PERFORMANCE READY for pre-show announcements from stage manager and/ or host and REMAIN BACK STAGE until after opening number.

5. BE READY for all stage calls. We will not stall or wait.

6. STAY for the entire show, including callbacks and contest

7. AFTER the show, no payouts will be given until stage manager or host approves clean-up of back stage.